Doe’s serves the finest beverages including a huge selection of liquors and over 160 beers from all over the globe! Showing our support, we stock over 50 brands of beer from local and regional breweries.
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World Beer Tour

So many to choose from!

Since our patrons have become aware of our extensive beer list, it has given rise to a certain friendly competition we like to call the World Beer Tour. To track the progress of our participants, we use the Beer Tour App. Our complete list of brews is available on the App, and is updated regularly.

Download: Beer Tour App

Beer Tours App by James E. Thomas

In addition, Doe’s in Bentonville carries a wide variety of wines and liquors from all over the world. With over 170 whiskey selections like Scotches from every region, Rye, Bourbon, Straight Whiskey, Corn Whiskey, etc… it might be the most impressive public collection and selection of whiskey in Arkansas!

Captain on Deck
Captain on Deck