• Ribeye
    "Cowboy Cut" Ribeye Steak
In 1941 Dominic “Doe” Signa began cooking steaks and tamales for the people of Greenville, Mississippi. That same great food and Delta-Style tradition continues.
Welcome to Doe’s Eat Place!

Doe´s Eat Place has been dubbed the place where the best steaks in the world are served. Come and enjoy our World Famous Delta Style hot tamales, succulent shrimp, and 100% USDA Prime Beef steaks.

Many generations have grown up with the tradition and Southern hospitality that create the very essence and ambiance of Doe´s Eat Place.

Famous Guests

Wild and Crazy Guy, Dan Aykroyd

* “Nobody Doe’s it better.” — Dan Aykroyd (Actor, Comedian, Screenwriter)

* “To the friendliest restaurant in Arkansas, with the best beer list too!” – Pat Forde (Yahoo Sports & ESPN senior writer)

* “Thanks for the great meal” — George Brett (Hall of Fame for the KC Royals)

* “Prime Beef and Dry Aging!” — Will Ferrell (Comedian, Actor)


About Doe’s

In 1903, Carmel Signa moved his family to Greenville, Mississippi and opened a grocery store at 502 Nelson Street. The family lived in a small house behind the store in the predominantly African-American neighborhood surrounding Nelson Street. Papa’s Store, as it was known, thrived in the community until 1927. That year historic rainfall pushed the Mississippi River out of its banks, and consumed much of the low-lying, riverside community that ‘Papa’s Store’ was located in.

Mississippi flood of 1927

Our Menu

Our steaks are cut fresh daily from whole beef loins. This allows us to provide you with the highest quality, freshest beef possible.

Our steaks here at Doe’s are cut much thicker than at most other restaurants. After our Grillmaster places your steak on our special broiler, please allow yourself time for our staff to prepare one of the “Great Steaks of the South”.

Carrying on a Delicious, Delta Tradition – Thank you for Visiting Doe’s Eat Place.